Rates & Hours

Recording, editing, mixing or mastering audio is PHP 500 per hour.

Contact me if you want to inquire about rates on songwriting, arrangement, musician services, or other stuff.

Pay via cash or Paypal.

The studio is available daily (Monday to Sunday) from 8:00AM (-ish).

Bookings are by appointment basis only. Please call/text/email me in advance for an appointment.


The time it takes to record one song that has drums, guitars, bass, and vocals range from under 1 hour to as long as forever, depending on the song's arrangement and the number and capability of the musicians who are recording.

Typically quick recording times are 15 minutes per instrument or per live take (if tracking all instruments at the same time); and about 1 hour mixing per song. If this is a song by a 4-piece band, tracked one instrument at a time, it means a total recording time of 2 hours per song. Although it is possible to record 1 song in under 1 hour, including editing, mixing, and some mastering, better quality has been found to be more often produced when more recording and/or processing time is allotted.
I'd say spending 3-5 hours may produce a decent draft of your song, after which you may choose to spend more time improving it.

Needless to say, more or longer takes per musician and more editing or mixing requirements will mean longer hours.

Musicianship aside, the resulting sound quality in this process may resemble the audio clips in our sound samples page.

Got more questions? Contact us.