What we do

Solo or group/band instrument and vocal recording for demo, commercial release, gifts, company communications, instructionals, personal collection, or whatever.

Audio production:
- Recording
- Mixing
- Mastering (sort of)
- Reamping
- Mobile / on-site / on-location recording (we'll go to you and record your performance)
- Improvement/enhancement of recorded audio

Support for musical projects (songwriters, arrangers for songs, medleys/mash-ups, jingles, etc)
Support for non-musical projects (audio editing, voice-overs/overdubs, etc)

Support for independent musicians/artists, solo artists, amateur recordings, live band recording, live performance recording, podcasts, ad on-board (AOB) plugs, radio and TV advertisements, medleys / mash-ups / mix tapes, background music, company or corporate communications, instructional materials, presentations, audio prompts, theme songs, accompaniment, school music projects, church or school choir recording, Christmas compilations, birthday soundtrack compilations, family music projects, special events audio production ... and stuff like these.

 Recording bands and other groups playing strings, wind instruments, etc.


On-site recording outdoor performances and events by hooking up my recording gear to your sound system provider

On-location live recording: Recording a band at your own rehearsal space.